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Bnei Brak: 1,339 infections, including 23 in serious condition

In Bnei Brak, there are now 1,323 confirmed cases, an increase of 893 from last week.

The infection rate in the city currently stands at 622.5 patients per 100,000 people and the number of those infected is multiplying by around 2.9 per week.

In a statement, Netanyahu said the Haredi public had “internalized” the danger of the virus and the Health Ministry restrictions meant to curb its spread.

“The coronavirus epidemic doesn’t differentiate between ultra-Orthodox and secular, between Arabs and Jews. We don’t either. This war is all of ours,” he said.

While the statement did not name the source of the alleged incitement, it appeared to be aimed in part at Rina Matsliah, a Channel 12 news presenter who came under fire after she launched into a diatribe about the community on live TV Friday and appeared to accuse all Haredim of violating the health directives.

In the last week alone, the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus in Israel has doubled, with the highest rates of increase reported in haredi areas – not surprising, given the much higher population density in haredi neighborhoods. The highest rate of increase was reported in Modi’in Illit, where the number of cases reported jumped from 30 to 117 in a single week.

In Jerusalem, the number of cases increased by 958 to a total of 1,424. Tel Aviv now reports 387 cases as opposed to just 78 last week. Haifa reports an increase of 53 to a total of 101, and Be’er Sheva now has 129 as opposed to just 30 a week ago.

Tiberias has 98 confirmed cases of the virus; Or Yehuda has 82, an increase of 48 from last week. The town with the highest percentage of coronavirus cases is Efrat in Gush Etzion.