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‘Boris, No!’ Trudeau appears to hold UK’s PM back as he charged at Macron in G20 photo-op

When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met French President Emmanuel Macron at the G20 conference, he appeared to be held back by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, just as the leaders were setting up for a group photo.

As the Channel fishing row heats up, Macron and Johnson faced each other in person, and Trudeau appeared to be holding Johnson’s arm as they made their way onto the platform in one amusing photograph.

The shot made it appear as if the two world leaders were set to clash amid the escalating tensions brought on by the fishing dispute.

However, Macron sure does look relaxed watching Johnson coming at him in that manner, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen directed Johnson to his spot.

Earlier, Johnson warned that the UK might trigger legal action in the post-Brexit trade pact as soon as next week.

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Jean-Charles de Gaulle has written to von der Leyen, requesting her support for a strong new position against the UK.

Paris has vowed to boost checks on British boats, implement a “go-slow” policy with customs arrangements in port Calais, prohibit UK fishing vessels from docking in French ports, and raise energy rates in Jersey.

The French are demanding that the UK issue more fishing licenses to French fishermen so that they can enter British waters.

Johnson and Macron met with US President Joe Biden and German acting Chancellor Angela Merkel in Rome on the summit’s first day to discuss Iran’s nuclear program, and are set to meet one-on-one during the conference on Sunday.

When asked if he felt like he was again in the same situation as when he and Macron argued over Brexit at the G7 meeting earlier this year, Johnson said he was not concerned and that he had “bigger fish to fry,” according to British media reports.

During repeated post-Brexit spats with the British government, the French president said he had “never created pointless controversy.” He claimed there was “no tension” over fisheries, but emphasized that the topic was vital to both parties.

Despite the continuous squabbles and blame-shifting, Johnson and Macron both emphasized their close personal ties and met face to face at the G20 summit. As they came for the leaders’ “family photo” at the opening of the summit, the two also shared a “mock hostile fist-bump.”