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Bride’s brother: Police beat my brother, hit my father

Mordechai Polak, the brother of the bride whose wedding was broken up by police in Givat Ze’ev Wednesday evening, described what the police intervention was like in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

“It all started well and we wanted it to end well too. We did everything according to the Health Ministry rules, which is very important to us. Unfortunately it got out of hand. When the police arrived we were 16 people here and everyone was wearing masks,” the brother said.

“The policewoman came to photograph the bride and my mother took her camera and asked her to stop because it was a private area. That’s where everything got out of hand. The policewoman went out with her colleague, claimed that she was attacked and 12 vehicles with dozens of policemen arrived here,” he said.

“They entered the house, my father came in with a policeman and showed him that everything was according to the regulations. The policeman took my father’s details. Meanwhile 13 policemen came in and demanded that my mother accompany them for questioning. My brother did not let the policeman take my mother, the policeman threw a cup at my brother. They dropped him to the floor and punched him. Then they hit my father and cut four of his fingers. He is currently being treated at the Terem clinic,” Polak added.

He said that the wedding celebration continued afterwards. “Despite everything we want to make the bride and groom happy after they cried non-stop. I want to point out that only the nuclear family was here. The most important thing is ‘and you shall guard yourselves very carefully.’ Too bad they ruined the wedding.”

The bride told Arutz Sheva: “No one can ruin our wedding. I hope no one goes through what we went through. It takes a lot of faith to keep rejoicing and we are believers.”

Source: Arutz Sheva