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Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines to renew Israel flights in mid-June

Lufthansa Group subsidiaries Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines will renew flights to Israel from June 15, the company announced Thursday.

Both carriers will operate three flights a week to and from Ben-Gurion Airport as part of parent company Lufthansa’s renewal of flights to 130 destinations by late June.

From the second half of June, flights operated by Brussels Airlines between Brussels Airport and Ben-Gurion Airport will arrive and depart every Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Austrian Airlines flights between Vienna International Airport and Ben-Gurion Airport will fly every Sunday, Thursday and Saturday.

“The renewal of Lufthansa Group activity in June, even if partial, is another step in reviving the routine of trade and tourism – which are essential and important for the Israeli economy,” said Lufthansa Group Israel general manager Ofer Kisch.

“This renewal also contributes to strengthening the aviation link between Israel, the rest of the company’s destinations and the world. You can already see many people who want and need to fly again, whether for vacation or business purposes.”

Commencing June 2, German carrier Lufthansa plans to operate a total of six weekly flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Ben-Gurion Airport.

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