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Brussels proposes Digital Green Certificate for COVID-19 vaccinations

The European Commission has presented its vision of the Digital Green Certificate which is meant to serve as proof of inoculation against COVID-19 and is expected to be introduced by mid-June.

“Today, the Commission has adopted a legislative proposal establishing a common framework for a Digital Green Certificate covering vaccination, testing and recovery. This is an EU level approach to issuing, verifying and accepting certificates to facilitate free movement within the EU, based on a strict respect for non-discrimination and of the fundamental rights of EU citizens,” the European Commission noted in a statement issued in Brussels Wednesday.

The commission underlined that the certificates should be introduced by mid-June.

“A technical framework will be defined at EU level, to be put in place by mid-June, to ensure security, interoperability, as well as full compliance with personal data protection. It will also allow the possibility to extend to compatible certificates issued in third countries,” the press release reads.

Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders stressed that the certificates are temporary and will be cancelled when the pandemic is over.

The European Commission specifically highlighted that a COVID-19 shot will not become mandatory for transnational travel in the EU.

Next steps

The presentation of the vaccination certificate is the first step towards actually creating the document.

“The European Parliament and the Council should fast-track discussions, reach an agreement on the proposal for a Digital Green Certificate, and agree an approach to a safe opening based on a solid scientific framework. The European Commission will continue supporting the ramping up of vaccines production, and pursue technical solutions to increase interoperability of national systems to exchange data. Member States should accelerate vaccination programmes, ensure that temporary restrictions are proportionate and non-discriminatory, designate contact points to collaborate on wastewater surveillance and report on efforts made, and launch the technical implementation of the Digital Green Certificates in view of the fast-tracked adoption of the proposal,” the press release adds.

“In June 2021, upon request by the European Council, the European Commission will publish a paper on the lessons learnt from the pandemic and the way towards a more resilient future,” the commission concluded.

Source: TASS