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Cases in Europe, Iran and US grow rapidly as countries ramp up containment measures

A graph produced by Johns Hopkins university illustrated the dramatic rise of global cases. The angle of the yellow global curve appears to show that infections outside of China have grown even more rapidly than they did inside China at the start of the infection there.

The most substantial infection centre outside China is in Italy, where there are nearly 25,000 confirmed infections and more than 1,800 deaths.

Elsewhere in Europe, which the World Health Organization described as being at the centre of the pandemic, France has 4,500 cases and 91 deaths, Germany has 11 deaths and more than 5,700 infections, the Netherlands has 20 deaths and 2,270 infections, Switzerland has 14 deaths and 2,200 infections, and the UK has 21 deaths and 1,144.

The next worst affected country is Iran, where there are just under 14,000 confirmed cases and 724 deaths. There are fears that the country’s fragile health services and economy are struggling to cope with the outbreak, and on Friday, satellite imaging appeared to show mass graves dug in the city of Qom to bury coronavirus victims.

In the US, which rapidly escalated its response to the virus over the weekend with Donald Trump declaring a national emergency, cases have jumped to 3,500, with at least 57 deaths recorded. There has been substantial criticism of the Trump administration, and the president himself, who only two weeks ago when the country had 15 infections suggested the number would be down to zero before long.