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COVID-19 Odds and Ends

Like the war on terrorism, the war against the virus (really the war against the people) will never end. Today, the state of emergency from the September 11th attacks is still in force.
The European Union vaccine passport roadmap planning [PDF]

COVID-19 : Failure of the Western Approach

The current lockdowns are neither medical nor political measures, but administrative. The aim is to compensate for the poor management of health institutions. Most viral epidemics last three years. In the case of COVID-19, the natural duration of the epidemic will be extended by the administrative duration of the containment.

Bipolar Corona-Politics Positive?

In addition to the mental damage of lockdown by industrial scale fear-mongering there is another mentally-destructive duality: the poorly-evidenced and irrational conviction of government which degrades common sense and human experience.

Wars and “Following the Science” are Sure Paths to Tyranny

“A prophylactic treatment is discovered by scientific research. Then government intervened to make the treatment in turn available, compulsory, and more effective. Clearly more and more intervention and powers of coercion are involved… In sum, therefore, scientific knowledge could aid or even produce pressure for government action by seeming to give this pressure intellectual justification and provide practical means of implementation.”