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Light Unto the Covid

The Orthodox Jews follow their own religion, they strictly observe their Halacha laws. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Neil Ferguson will have to work much harder on their credibility before the Rabbis notice their existence! The practical meaning of the above is that the Orthodox Jewish quarters in the USA, Britain and, of course, Israel are closer than anyone else to herd immunity.

The New Year Gift

Israel is to become the first nation to go into their second COVID-19 lockdown, just as Israel was the first in the Western world to enter the first lockdown. Another world’s first, and for sure other nations will follow it into disaster, as they did it first time.

Apocalypse Now!

Jerusalem vs. Athens is a dialectic battle between two forms of cognition that historically often do not agree with each other. We are at the midst of such a dramatic point in history. Religion of Fear. Skullcap vs. Facemask.