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Where did the Wealth Go?

“Wealth is the result of the stuff that is exchanged, not the money. All wealth consists of desirable things; that is, things which satisfy human wants directly or indirectly. Not all desirable things are wealth, because we also desire family affections and trusted friends. But all wealth consists of access to desirable things; poverty is the lack of such access, not a shortage of money.”

Face masks have put us in a State

We are either happy to accept that special people we’ve never met have sole authority to tell us what to do, as a slave owner would command a willing slave, or we are scared that they will use force to punish or harm us if we don’t comply. We call this a free and open democratic State.

CDC: Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy – Measured

Among older adults, annual influenza vaccination was recommended based on the high burden of influenza-related disease and demonstrated vaccine efficacy among younger adults. One RCT of adults aged 60 years and older relied on serology for confirmation of influenza and reported a vaccine efficacy of 58% . The meta-analysis reported significant vaccine effectiveness of 36 %-52%.