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Ceasefire broken in Libya, as thousands of ISIS Militants are transferred to the country

Commander in chief of the Libyan National Army, speaker of the House of Representatives Agila Salah Issa Al Obaidy, orders the general commander of the Libyan National Army (Haftar) to terminate the ceasefire and commence military operations immediately.

Haftar departed Russia without signing the deal, saying that its terms were unacceptable for the LNA and the democratically elected House of Representatives.

Haftar furthermore said that according to him, the only acceptable outcome would be if the militias under the GNA hand over their arms within 45 or 90 days, and that is how a ceasefire would be reached.

In addition, he demanded that this process take place under the full control of the LNA, which plans to create a special commission together with the UN, which will take into account the collection of arms from the militia members.

📕Red= #HoR ( democratically elected parliament ) #LNA Libyan National Army.
📗Green = #GNA ( A coalition of #Islamist_extremists and #militia loyal to the #Muslim_Brotherhood )
📘Blue = local militia and gangs chased and hunted in the Sahara.

Among other things, according to the channel, Haftar completely rejected Turkey as an international mediator in the Libyan settlement.

A source in the GNA, cited by Turkish state outlet Anadolu Agency, said that the LNA was amassing forces, once again, to renew the offensive on Tripoli.

Egypt is currently carrying out the Qader 2020 military exercise, which is regarded as a sort of show of force against Turkey’s involvement in the Libyan conflict.

On the ground in Libya, the LNA said that it had repaired 3 MiG-23 fighter jets and they are re-entering service in the fight against the GNA.

”Any new weapons, or repaired old ones would be welcome”, since also the King of Jordan warned that thousands of ISIS fighters have left Idlib (Syria), through Turkey to join the fight in support of the GNA.

Header: Syrian mercenaries heading to Tripoli