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Chanukah Miracles

Without miracles, we might come to believe that the laws of physics define reality. Once we witness the inexplicable, we see that it’s not a closed system, that there is a higher reality.

And then we look back at physics and say, “This too is a miracle.”

The miracle of a small flask of oil burning for eight days was this sort of miracle. The combustion of oil and oxygen generated light, and yet the quantity of oil did not diminish.

Then there are those small miracles that occur every day, those acts of synchronicity we call “coincidence,” because in them G‑d prefers to remain incognito, leaving all the laws of nature intact.

Indeed, that is an even greater miracle, that G‑d can achieve whatever He so desires non-invasively, as though He weren’t even there.

These were the sort of miracles the tiny band of Maccabees saw in their battles against the mighty Greek army. They fought bravely, but in their hearts they knew a great miracle happened here.

So too, when we open our eyes and hearts, we ponder those everyday coincidences and we awaken to the realization that there is truly no place void of this wondrous, unlimited G‑d.

Source: Tzvi Freeman – CHABAD