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Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi reprimands general who criticized politicians

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on Friday reprimanded the commander of the 98th Division, Brigadier General Dan Goldfus, who took advantage of a press conference he held this week to send a message to the government.

  • Goldfus raised eyebrows when he said during his speech that the IDF soldiers and commanders “took and take responsibility for our actions. We won’t run from responsibility, just as we don’t run from fire. We bow our heads before the failure of October 7.”

He then said the politicians “have to be worthy of us and of those soldiers who gave their lives…from the bottom of the heart of a warrior, I ask that you be together, united. Push the extreme and embrace what unites and the unity. We found it on the battlefield and we don’t intend on giving it up. Make it worth it.”

  • “The Chief of Staff severely reprimanded the division commander for acting contrary to what was expected of a senior commander,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said following Halevi’s conversation with Goldfus.

“The Chief of Staff stated to Brigadier General Goldfus that he took advantage of the trust in him in a manner that harmed the nonpartisanship of the IDF and the boundaries between the political and military ranks in a democratic country.”

Along with the severe reprimand, the IDF statement noted, the Chief of Staff told Goldfus that he appreciates his professionalism and his deep contribution to the IDF, and certainly during the war in the last months, but this does not allow him to behave in the way he acted.

  • “Brigadier General Goldfus took the matter to heart, stated that the way he acted was wrong, contrary to orders, and apologized for it,” the statement said.

Source: Arutz Sheva