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China accuses US MILITARY of Coronavirus outbreak

Versions that the COVID-19 situation in China is a result of the pre-planned attack have been circulating for a long time. The hysterical, anti-Chinese style of MSM coverage of the events, as well as US-led diplomatic and propaganda effirts against China regarding the case, are an indirect confirmation of these versions. One of them is that 300 athletes from the US military who in October attended the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan, where the epidemic first broke out, were infected with the virus, thereby spreading it in China.

The March 12 statement became the first time when China directly said that the US military might have brought the COVID-19 virus to the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak emerged in December 2019.

The coronavirus outbreak is now actively being used by some parties to impact the global market, pressure China and shape the situation around the world. They exlpoit the virus hysteria as a useful explanation of the nearing global economic crisis (forecasted for a long time by many experts) and an additional tool of pressure on opponents of the supporters of the New World Order. Entirely by accident, the COVID-19 crisis started just ahead of the Saudi offensive on the oil market aimed against Russia and Iran. Both these countries have strong and friendly ties with China.

Another worrisome development is the COVD-19 crisis in southern Europe (mostly in Italy). While China and even nearby South Korea are successfully fighting the coronavirus and the expansion of the virus almost stopped (despite some difficulties in South Korea), Italian authorities appeared to be not ready, or indirectly enable the virus spread.

During the past 24 hours only, 2,651 new coronavirus cases were registered in Italy. The total death count grew to 1,153. The total cases per population in Italy is 250. This almost 5 times higher than in China. The number of death per million of population in Italy is 16.15. This is 8 times higher than in China that keeps this number at 2.27. All of these happens despite the fact that the number and density of population in Italy is much lower than in China. There are over 1.386 billion people live in China, while Italy’s population is 60.48 million only.

The crisis in Italy is especially strange if one compares it with states with the developed healthcare like Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the United State. The total number of cases, including the critical ones, and deaths there are dramatically lower than in Italy. For example, the number of death per million of popualtion in Germany is 0.072.

There are two main explanations of this situation:

Italy’s healthcare system and authorities are in fact dysfunctional and despite loud delcarations they are unable to do something with the crisis.

Some forcecs are interested in the continuation of the COVID-19 outbreak to pursue own political and economic interests. So, when China in fact defeated the virus spread, they have decided to turn Italy into a new crisis point, this time in Europe.