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China Reportedly Detects Cyberattack Tool Used by US Intelligence

The NOPEN Trojan is a remote control tool for Unix/Linux operating systems primarily used for stealing files, gaining access to computers, redirecting network communications and viewing information on a targeted device, according to the report.

The NOPEN can remotely control most existing network servers and terminals that can be manually infiltrated by attackers, or by NSA cyberattack platforms to perform various tasks, including data theft and destruction, media said.

The NSA used the Trojan to control a large number of internet devices worldwide, steal sensitive data and classified information, resulting in invaluable losses, the report added, citing internal NSA documents made public by the hacker group Shadow Brokers.

“The vast majority of the NSA’s arsenal consists of stealth fighters and submarines that can easily attack victims without their knowledge,” an expert who wished to remain anonymous told the newspaper.

He noted that the NOPEN Trojan is one of the key tools in the NSA’s cyberwarefare, stressing that the leakage and proliferation of this tool may exacerbate an increasingly severe network security situation, threatening the overall security of cyberspace.