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Chinese doctors report coronavirus can survive in the human eye

Coronavirus may live longer in one’s eye than in other parts of the body, according to a Chinese report cited by Channel 13. The report stated that a Chinese woman was carrying the virus in her eye, while her nose was clear.

The woman, who is 65 years old, flew to Italy from the Chinese city of Wuhan where the coronavirus first broke out.

She reported feeling sick on January 27 and quickly began to cough and experience high fever as well as an eye infection.

After 20 days of being in hospital, the eye infection cleared, but the virus was found in her eyes the next day.

No virus was detected in her eyes or nose after that date, but on her 27th day in the hospital the virus was discovered again in her eyes.

The report claimed that the virus can replicate even when it is no longer detectable, meaning the infection potential exists even when patients seem to be healthy.

Source: JPost Staff