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Chinese embassy suspected of trying to spy on Israeli ministries


Security officials: No Chinese spy devices in gifts to ministries

Shin Bet investigation finds that suspected listening device in thermal mugs given to Israeli ministries – actually not spy devices.

  • Israeli security officials have ruled out suspicions of Chinese spying efforts in Israel, after a recent discovery raised concerns of a possible attempt to bringing listening devices into government ministry offices.

Technology experts from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) said Tuesday afternoon that no listening devices were found in the thermal mugs given to Israeli government ministries by the Chinese embassy in Israel.

  • The part of the mugs which aroused suspicion, the Shin Bet said, was actually meant to maintain a vacuum in the mugs and to retain heat for an extended time.

Earlier on Tuesday, security officials expressed concerns after a routine security check found a piece inside one of the mugs which appeared to be part of a listening device.

Source: Arutz Sheva

China fumes as Shin Bet admits mugs Beijing gave to ministers not bugged after all

Beijing pans reports of spying devices in cups sent to officials, accuses media outlets of trying ‘to drive a wedge’ between the two countries.

The mug that first raised suspicions was sent by the Chinese Embassy to the Science and Technology Ministry and was most likely intended for Innovation, Science and Technology Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen, according to an unnamed Israeli official cited by the Walla news site.

The mug was examined before reaching her office, the official said, adding that a similar mug had been addressed to the office of Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli.

Ahead of the Shin Bet’s statement ruling out anything untoward, the Chinese Embassy in Israel fumed at the reports, labeling them “baseless rumors [that] have a severe impact as they aim to drive a wedge between China and Israel, tarnish China’s image and seriously mislead the public.”

“We ask the relevant media outlets to immediately withdraw the false reports, stop helping spread rumors, and take real actions to eliminate the negative impacts that are already caused. If the media agencies insist on spreading such rumors, we will reserve the right to seek accountability,” it said.

  • “The fact is, the so-called ‘suspicious device’ is a getter, which could be easily found in the same kind of thermal mugs.”

The embassy also said that the mugs were gifted for the Passover holiday as an “expression of friendship” between Israel and China.

A diplomatic source quoted by Army Radio said that the Shin Bet’s announcement was made following a demand by Beijing that Jerusalem release an official statement clearing it of any alleged wrongdoing.

Source: TOI

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The Chinese government is suspected of trying to spy on Israeli government ministries, after a listening device was found concealed in a gift given to a government official.

According to a report Tuesday morning by Galei Tzahal, Israeli security officials are investigating the possibility that the Chinese embassy in Israel attempted to plant listening devices in Israeli government ministries.

  • Suspicions were aroused after a listening device was found concealed in a thermal mug given as a gift to an Israeli ministry.

The listening device was found during a routine security check, the report said.

Following the discovery, authorities collected all thermal mugs given by the embassy to Israeli government ministries.

  • In addition, the government has imposed a new regulation regarding gifts from foreign entities to government ministries, requiring that all gifts receive security clearance.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that the matter is currently being investigated by the Shin Bet – Israel Security Agency.

Source: Arutz Sheva