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Claims of election fraud: ‘Don’t rush to eulogize Trump’

Israeli-American businessman and activist Joe Zevuloni, who resides in the US and is an ardent supporter of President Trump, spoke Sunday morning with Golan Yochpaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM, addressing the claims of election fraud.

According to Zevuloni, “These elections didn’t start now, they started 4 years ago with the enlistment of all the Fake News against the president. It’s clear what’s going on here.”

“Biden stayed in his basement for the whole election period for one clear reason: he knew that CNN, Twitter, Facebook were with him. And what we see now is that that whole system of deception is together with him.

“There are machines that were discovered in Michigan which had a ‘glitch,’ as they called it. I call it, more correctly, a ‘virus’ – these machines are manufactured in China. In one district alone, 6000 votes for Trump went to Biden. That same machine is used in 47 other districts. This means there is the potential for 282,000 votes that could go from Biden back to Trump.

“There are unbelievable things here which demand investigation and explanation. And that is exactly what’s going to happen.”

Zevuloni elaborated that “At 2 in the morning on Wednesday, they suddenly stopped the count in Philadelphia, in Detroit. Several hours later when they restarted the count, lo and behold Biden had increased by more than 138,000 and Trump was still at the same number. Mathematically speaking, this cannot be.”

“How do you explain the thousands of dead people that voted? I saw a list of some 2,000 names – I have the list – with people born in 1908, 1905, 1918, people over 100 if they are alive. But they told me that these people are dead. This is part of the proof that Rudy Giuliani is bringing to court.

“As democracy-loving people, don’t rush to eulogize Trump,” Zevuloni emphasized. “Our sovereignty here is very important. Only on December 14 according to our constitution do all the states – not some Fake News station – get together and give their certification [of the electoral votes].”

As for Netanyahu’s congratulation of Biden this morning, Zevuloni said that Netanyahu “may have considerations of which I am not aware, but in my opinion the correct thing to do, even for Mr. Netanyahu whom I greatly respect, is to respect the sovereignty of the US.”

“The fact that CNN dictated it does not mean that [Biden] is president.”

Source: Arutz Sheva