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ClassicPress Usage Report – September 2021

As of August 2021, there are very roughly 5,000 active ClassicPress websites.

In addition to the active website count, here are a few additional pieces of information we were able to calculate:

Version 1.2.0 was the most widely used version (when we started to calculate these statistics, the current latest version, 1.3.0 was not yet available for download. This suggests that most people are keeping their ClassicPress sites updated, which is good to see.)

PHP 7.2.34 is the most widely used version with ClassicPress websites, followed by PHP 7.3.27 and PHP 7.4.16. (We’ll dig into this information further to help us decide how to increase the minimum supported PHP version in a future release of ClassicPress.)

en_US is the most widely used locale, followed by de_DE and then nl_NL. In total, there are 44 locales used across all active websites. (This is useful to help us decide which languages to prioritize for translation.)

MySQL 5.5.5 is the most widely used version, followed by 5.7.33 and 5.6.49. (Likewise, this information can help us determine how and when to increase the minimum version of MySQL required to run ClassicPress.)


This usage report is based on a manual analysis of requests to the API servers by ClassicPress websites looking for core upgrades. We analyzed 200 days worth of server logs, ending on August 20th, 2021, and recorded a new active ClassicPress site for each site that we detected during this period.

ClassicPress is growing: the last (unofficial) estimate of active websites we took was in May 2019. At that point, there was around 1,500 active websites.

As WordPress continues to expand full-site editing capabilities, more and more users who want to explore another direction based on the battle-tested and proven “classic” WordPress platform are flocking to ClassicPress.

You can try the TinyMCE version 5 demo or install a research plugin to test the new version of the editor on a ClassicPress website. We do not recommend testing on a production website as this project is still in a very early stage of development.

The ClassicPress directory is also in a beta phase at this time. It has over 80 plugins now.

In a future version, the directory will also support themes.

Source: Viktor Nagornyy – ClassicPress