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CNN Catches Russians Red Handed Hiding ‘Secret’ Arctic Bases!

March 18th, an article on NEO predicted an unprecedented new arms race. April 5th, Nick Paton Walsh at CNN confirmed [the] prediction with liberal order media’s fear-evoking story about Russia’s so-called “super weapons”.

According to the news network owned and operated by the world’s largest telecommunications company (AT&T) “Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic!” (CNN), with the help of stunning technology from Maxar Technologies, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a cleverly hidden Russian super-base.

In another NEO report on February 2nd, I shined some light on one of the kingpins of the western order’s relentless pursuit to run Earth, Warren Buffett, along with Vanguard Group, Blackrock, and several other intermediaries that handle the business of the elites.

Not surprisingly, these same investment houses own the show at AT&T, the company many remember best for its helping out the National Security Agency (NSA) spy on Americans. But that’s another story. To suggest the same people who own all these stocks also run the NSA, or vice versa would sound like a conspiracy theory! Or, would it?

Moving on, the big topic of discussion now is Russia’s Poseidon 2M39 torpedo.

You know, the one western media and military experts said would never work? Well, it turns out that the nuclear tsunami generating atomic torpedo has, or will have, Americans living near beaches running for their lives.

This time the Russians Are Coming like they were back in the 1960s, only this time in unmanned, killer drone subs.

Talk about progress! I remember seeing the cool Hollywood spoof at the theaters half a century ago, and feeling like I wanted to welcome every Russian to come to the US Why, in the flick, the Bolshevik seafarers were almost as dumb as us! Not anymore. Now the Rusky weapons of death are humorless, cold, unstoppable hunks of steel and titanium, ready to sling tidal waves onto sunbathing Floridians when Putin commands.

Sorry, I get carried away at the lunacy of it all. I mean, half a hundred years and we are back to square one? What happened all these decades? The wall came down. They told us we would be a global family. And in troubled times they declared war on terror even. How long ago was that? Oh, yeah. Two decades ago and we are still fighting. The reader is with me, right? Doomsday at hand, it’s time for American presidents to act, for NATO to be rearmed, and for middle Americans to accept transgender Olympic athletes competing whichever way the wacky far-left wind blows. Crazytown Earth! It’s a hit at every theater in the Alpha Centauri solar system.

But it’s no joking matter. Look, CNN has satellite images of Russian armaments that are suspiciously like the same armaments the USSR used in the 60s. Wait, Russia is still flying propeller-driven bombers? Yep, there they are in the CNN breaking story from the 21st century, the venerable Tu-95 heavy bombers stationed right alongside some of Vladimir Putin’s most fearsome nuclear deterrents.

Funny thing, this new super torpedo moves about as fast underwater as the Bear bombers do in the sky.

But anyway, satellites don’t lie. Or, do they? There’s no footage of secret nuke test sites, only PR footage from when Russia announced some of these weapons. Oh, and the supposed Maxar Technologies breakthrough appears to be a satellite photo after the snow melted recently. You have to watch those devious Russians, they are ingenious when it comes to camouflage. Oh boy, I just Googled the nearby town and found the feature picture on Google in 10 seconds. The Pentagon should hire me, they’d save a lot of money.

So the question arises, “Why all the sudden hysteria over weapons systems all sides know about?” Well, it’s the narrative to get our humongous arms race rolling. Look at the CNN video, they show a Russian “onyx” (Oniks) anti-ship cruise missile (development started 1983) being launched. It’s stunning video, beautiful artic seascapes and all. The rocket reflects its fiery tail on the blue/gray water, the scene brings forth more Hollywood memories, like from the Sean Connery flick, “Hunt for Red October”. But that was the 90s Russophobia era, wasn’t it?

Finally, the super sleuths at CNN and AT&T (I guess) have also managed to uncover the super-secret Arctic Trefoil permanent base is in Franz Josef Land that Russia debut to the world four years ago!

Here’s that BBC story, for those of you who think I have to be lying. The CNN footage also shows Russian skimobile troops firing light machine guns in a pine forest somewhere in Russia, intermixed with more photos of 1950s Soviet bases painted like the Russian flag. Somehow, this painting regime is supposed to strike still more fear into CNN viewers!

Anyhow, you see how it will work. Dig up some video, a few old images, show viewers some rockets and sparkly beads, and a bit of smoke, and PRESTO!

Every housewife in southern Georgia in the US is posting on Facebook doubts and fears over those pesky Ruskies again. And standing behind, wringing their hands like the cliche evil banksters, the evil banksters start buying Raytheon, Northrop, and Boeing stocks. And the oil companies? Wow, there’s mention of the arctic, now isn’t there?

Stay tuned folks, it will only get spicier and more deadly.

Source: Phil Butler – Journal NEO