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Coming Soon: State-Mandated Sodomization of Children

Previously we pointed out the absurdity of the COVID anal test. The incongruity should be obvious: why would anyone go looking for antigens of a respiratory disease in the rectum rather than in the throat where such antigens reside?

The COVID anal test has been apparently thought up in China, where it is now being rolled out.

The procedure involves inserting a probe some two inches into the rectum and rotating it there repeatedly.

In this video you can watch a Chinese “scientist” demonstrating on a dummy how specimen collection is carried out. It is a sickening sight:

A Chinese scientist demonstrates specimen collection in an anal COVID swab

Knowing how our government has behaved in this crisis so far, we can be fairly confident that this test will be soon imported here.

Human Rights Watch categorically condemns the probing of the rectum as part of a forced medical exams for homosexuals.

Like COVID anal swabs, these exams involve insertion of foreign objects into the most private and sensitive regions of the human body.

This is how Human Rights Watch views this practice:

“Forced anal examinations are a form of cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment that can rise to the level of torture. They violate the Convention against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the African Convention on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Forced anal exams are invasive, intrusive, and profoundly humiliating.”

Many of those forced to submit to this procedure have been severely impacted by the experience:

“Some people subjected to these examinations experience lasting psychological trauma. Several victims told Human Rights Watch that they experienced forced anal examinations as a form of sexual violence. Human Rights Watch believes that they are a form of sexual assault. Medical personnel who conduct forced anal exams do so in violation of international principles of medical ethics, including the prohibition on medical personnel participating in any way in acts of torture or degrading treatment.”

Even though we would not argue that the anal COVID swab is the equivalent of an anal exam, the two procedures share a number of disturbing aspects. Some of them include being forced to expose one’s most private parts, bending over and making one’s rectum available for probing by agents of the state. We have yet to hear whether Human Rights Watch will take a position on this.

Especially disconcerting is the fact that children are among the first demographic group being subjected to this ignominious and traumatizing procedure.

Per a recent story by Reuters, “[A] Beijing city official said that anal swabs were taken from over 1,000 teachers, staffers and students at a primary school in the city after an infection had been found.”

The Reuters story concludes with something that should make us all shudder:

“Stool tests may be more effective than respiratory tests in identifying COVID-19 infections in children and infants since they carry a higher viral load in their stool than adults, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) had said in a paper published last year.”

According to these “scientists,” this procedure is especially well-suited for young children.

But to subject children to this makes no sense from a medical point of view.

The travesty of probing children’s rectums for evidence of a respiratory disease could not be more glaring. If they really wanted to find out whether children had COVID or any other communicable illness of the respiratory tract, they would swab their mouths, not their bottoms. This is how it has always been done.

Normal children are at virtually zero risk from COVID.

It is almost unheard of for young people under 18 years of age to die of this disease. Your healthy child is less likely to die of COVID than to be killed by lightning. Furthermore, children are not known to be particularly potent spreaders of the virus. Thus, there is no need to subject them to indiscriminate blanket testing, much less to testing protocols involving such a drastic and unnecessary procedure.

The imposition of the anal test on children has nothing to do with medical concerns and everything to do with governments subjugating their populations through humiliation and medical terror.

Populations that have been terrified and browbeaten into allowing the state to do this will allow government to do anything. What can be worse than forced sodomization of children? In a move whose ulterior motive could not be more transparent, governments will now seek to legitimize this outrage under the cover of medical necessity.

If state agents are allowed to insert probes under false pretenses into children’s rectums, there will be no limit to what they can do. Parents who agree to let the state do this to their own children will then agree to anything.

Imagine your child being in the place of the Chinese dummy in the video above.

How would a ten-year-old feel after undergoing this? And how would a twelve or fourteen or a sixteen-year-old feel for that matter?

And what about the danger of child abuse? The scope and potential for molestation inherent in this practice is immense. This protocol is an invitation for abuse on a wide scale, making school children easy prey for pedophiles.

There are other dangers as well. Many homosexuals trace the genesis of their tendencies to sexual abuse in childhood, which as is known, often involves anal violation. In other words, there are indications that anal violation in childhood has the potential to give rise to homosexual proclivities.

Do we need to be potentially creating more homosexual people? Given all the negatives and dangers associated with this lifestyle is such a move socially desirable?

Above all, the totalitarians want to teach you and your child this lesson: whatever the state wishes to perpetrate upon your person – no matter how obviously gratuitous or humiliating – you must pull down your pants, bend over and accept it.

The COVID anal probe is part of the strategy by totalitarians to vanquish and gain complete mastery over their populations. They have already demoralized and frightened most of the citizenry and used the pretense of COVID-19 to carry out their unholy project.

Source: Vasko Kohlmayer – LewRockwell

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