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Corona Commissioner: ‘Very likely’ Israelis will need third dose

Corona Commissioner Nachman Ash on Sunday morning told Radio 103FM that there was a “very, very high likelihood” Israelis would have to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 shot.

“Every day we’re getting closer to it, but we still don’t know when,” he said.

He noted, however, that “The chance that this vaccine is good for many years is apparently not high, both because immunity decreases and because of the mutations.”

His comments come after Prime Minister Netanyahu last week said that Israelis should prepare themselves for “another vaccine operation in about another 6 months,” which is also apparently to include the vaccination of children.

“After I reached an agreement with the heads of Pfizer and Moderna on an additional supply of 16 million vaccines for Israeli citizens, we are preparing for another vaccination operation in about another 6 months. So prepare the shoulders – the muscles, if you will – as well as the children, because our assessment is that by then there will be vaccines approved for children,” he said.

He added that he advocated a policy of “tightening” to protect against the possibility of any “new variant,” or “new virus.”

“There can always be a surprise from a new variant, whether the Indian variant or another variant, or a new virus,” he said.

“So our exit from Corona up until today, and our prevention of Corona in the future, is ensured as long as there is no surprise like that.”

“One way to prevent those surprises is to go back and tighten our external envelope. We held a pretty extended meeting about this on various possibilities that the health minister now spoke about, which we are also discussing with respect to our foreign relations with a number of countries. But my approach – which I think is also that of the health ministry – is that we need to tighten at the moment, because we are still in a reality that is not completely certain.”

Source: Arutz Sheva