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‘Coronavirus cabinet’ rejects Israel Defense Ministry recommendation to ready for 2,500 patients on ventilators…but okays for ‘just’ 2,000

The Defense Ministry warns Israel may face a scenario in which up to 2,500 COVID-19 patients require ventilation, amid an increase in new coronavirus infections.

Under this potential scenario, which was presented to the so-called coronavirus cabinet, Israel could see 2,500 people on ventilators, 7,500 requiring hospitalization, 125,000 sick with COVID-19 and hundreds killed by the virus, according to a statement from Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s office.

“The scenario is based on models that took into account extreme situations from the world. It must be emphasized this is not a forecast but rather an operational scenario that the Defense Ministry is recommending the state prepare for in terms of the tools at its disposal,” the statement says.

But the coronavirus cabinet has evidently rejected the prediction, instead directing the health system to prepare for […’just’] as many as 2,000 patients requiring ventilation.

Cabinet tasked with combating pandemic votes unanimously to issue directive, while Netanyahu asserts that all preventative measures must be taken.

Source: TOI