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Coronavirus makes people think of upcoming radical life changes, says Putin

The novel coronavirus still poses a serious threat, it makes people think of upcoming radical life changes, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

“The coronavirus is not backing down, it still poses a serious threat. And it is likely that this worrisome backdrop causes a strong feeling in many that a different time is beginning, that we’re not just on the threshold of radical changes, we’re in the age of tectonic movements in all spheres of life,” Putin said.

The president noted that the pandemic had reminded people about how fragile human life is. According to the Russian leader, “it was hard to imagine that in the technologically advanced 21st century, even in the most developed countries, a person can be helpless in the face of an infection, which did not seem that fatal.” Life has shown that “it’s not just about the level of development of medical science and its fantastic achievements.”

“It turns out that the responsibility, the level-headedness and the honesty of the government, its ability to meet the needs of society and to explain the logic of the measures taken in a clear and reasoned manner is just as important, and maybe even much more important than the rest, to avoid the fear winning and splitting the society, and instead to inspire confidence that no matter how difficult it is, we will overcome all hardships together,” he said.


Russian authorities do not see the necessity to return to the non-working days regime due to the continued epidemic of the coronavirus infection, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

“In general, the situation is such that today there is no necessity to go back, at least in our country, to such restrictive methods like it was this spring. For example, when we placed people on paid leaves and closed entire enterprises. There is no such necessity,” Putin said.

According to him, Russian healthcare system worked quite effectively. “And now we have reserves created, reserves of hospital bed spaces, medications appeared, protocols of treatment appeared. Our medics already understand and know what to do and how to do it. So now there’s confidence that we can cope with these problems,” the President noted.

Source: TASS