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Coronavirus scare: 700 percent increase in inquiries at Magen David Adom’s Emergency Call Center

From Tuesday night until Wednesday night, more than 39,000 calls were received at Magen David Adom’s 101 Emergency Call Center, compared to about 5,500 calls received on a regular day. This marks an increase of more than 700 percent.

MDA emphasizes that in order to obtain general details and guidelines on the coronavirus, in cases where there are no physical symptoms, one must go to the Ministry of Health website, call the Health Ministry hotline at *5400, or the HMO’s hotline.

MDA EMTs and paramedics continue to take samples from patients who are quarantined, and have reported symptoms such as fever, cough, etc., and a decision was made by a district physician from the Department of Health requiring testing.

To date, MDA EMTs and paramedics have been to about 1,300 people’s homes to take samples for testing.