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Cost price of Sputnik V vaccine totals about $26 for two doses

Russia’s Health Ministry has fixed the maximum cost price of the coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V at 1,942 rubles for two doses (about $26.20), Alexei Kuznetsov, an aide to the health minister, told reporters on Saturday.

“Russia’s Health Ministry has registered the maximum cost price of a producer for the vaccine to prevent novel coronavirus infection – Sputnik V, which was developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. It is 1,942 rubles for two doses,” he said.

Kuznetsov added that the price of a box with five two-dose sets was fixed at 9,710 rubles (about $131).

“Vaccination of Russian citizens will be free of charge and absolutely voluntary,” he noted.

Earlier, the Russian government added the vaccine on the list of vital and essential medicines.

Source: TASS