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Counterfeit vaccination certificates made in Bulgaria ‘flood’ Northern Greece – How the circuit works

A factory of fake vaccination certificates has been set up in Bulgaria, from where it seems that several Greeks are supplied, mainly from Northern Greece.

As a member of the circuit confirmed to ERT , for 300 euros one can obtain a vaccination certificate from Bulgaria, without a vaccine.

With Bulgaria breaking negative mortality records in the European Union every day, recording a four-digit number of COVID-19 cases, as it is the country with the most “negatives”, complaints about family doctors issuing vaccination certificates with data are increasing. of each citizen, but without having received the vaccine dose.

In Bulgaria, their vaccination system is done by family doctors (in an uncontrolled environment – the doctor is face to face with the patient, while vaccination centers always involve 6-7 people in the procedure) this seems to have given the opportunity to experts to They trade certificates without vaccination, something that has become known in Greece as well.

Under the microscope, the certificates from Bulgaria

According to the testimony of an “intermediary” broadcast on ERT for just 300 euros and a short visit to Sofia, one can obtain a European Vaccination Certificate.

However, the officials from the Greek side emphasize that the vaccinations of Greeks (permanent residents of our country), who appear to have been done abroad, namely in Bulgaria and Romania, have come under the microscope.

Under the recent amendment of the Ministry of Health, there is a relevant provision for severe criminal and financial sanctions against illegal acts related to tests and vaccines.

Posts on foreign networks

In both Bulgaria and Romania there has been extensive reporting on how easily one can obtain such a document in our neighboring countries.

The complaints are numerous, and mainly come from testimonies of doctors who testify that patients admit that they do have a certificate, without having been vaccinated.

In fact, from October 21, those who want to visit indoor areas, such as cafes, hotels, concert halls, museums and swimming pools [in Greece], must demonstrate that they have the “Green Vaccination Certificate”.

Source: ERT, Thess Today

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