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COVID-19 test at Ben Gurion Airport to cost 140 shekels [$43]

Starting in June, all those landing in Israel will be required to pay for a COVID-19 test at a cost of about 140 shekels (approximately $43), Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday.

Undergoing a test in Israel, which until now has been free of charge, is required both when entering the country as well as when departing, which adds about 300 shekels [$92] to the flight costs.

In addition, the prices of tests abroad must be taken into account, and that can reach hundreds of shekels.

The report said that in New York the test is free, while in Dubai it costs between 130 [$40] and 220 shekels [$68] for a test.

In Greece the test costs 230-240 shekels [$71-$74], in Italy – 200 shekels [$62], in Spain – 400 shekels [$123], in Sweden – 450 shekels [$139], in the Netherlands – 500 shekels [$154], and in… Seychelles – 630 shekels [$194].

A test in San Francisco and London costs no less than 900 shekels, or approximately $270.50.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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