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COVID-19 Vaccines: Are Pfizer and Israel Really Violating the Nuremberg Code?

Pfizer vaccine, Israel, The Hague International Criminal Court and the Nuremberg Code.

It is the explosive cocktail that animated Internet users who are followers of the conspiracy on social networks this weekend. This “information” was summed up by the now used to the genre France Soir site as “The international criminal court has accepted the complaint for violation of the Nuremberg code by the Israeli government”.

A catchy formula at the time of anti-vaccines and the Godwin point but completely false. Decryption of a fake news.

The origin

Friday, March 5 – an article from the Israel News launches the hostilities. It is titled “A Complaint Has Been Filed Before The Hague Tribunal To Stop Vaccination In Israel”.

In this article, it is explained that the organization “People of Truth” filed a complaint with the Tribunal of The Hague against the Israeli government, which carries out illegal experiments on Israeli citizens, through Pfizer.

The two lawyers behind this complaint, Ruth Makhachovsky and Arie Suchowolski, say that the policy of mass vaccination operated by the Israeli government “violates the principle of informed consent of a person to receive medical treatment”. Even more, they believe that “the State of Israel, the Israeli government with its ministers and members of the Knesset, mayors and other senior officials, are flagrantly violating the Nuremberg Code.”

The news quickly spread around the world. It is also shared by disputed scientific figures such as Alexandra Henrion-Caude, researcher, founder of the SimplissimA Research Institute who thus tweeted on March 13. “SCOOP! The Hague court accepted the complaint filed by two Israeli lawyers for violation of the NUREMBERG CODE by the Israeli government. Pfizer’s experiment in the state of Israel was carried out in violation of the Nuremberg Code.“

The same day, the France Soir website says that “according to an article in Database Italia, the complaint filed last week in The Hague tribunal accusing the Israeli government of violating the Nuremberg Code has been confirmed. A decision is now awaited. “

The reality is different. As a source, these media and other Twitter accounts disseminate a letter from the International Criminal Court addressed to the two lawyers which would be the proof of the acceptance of the complaint. However, this document is nothing more than a simple acknowledgment of receipt from the court. It is clearly stated that “this letter in no way means that an investigation will be opened by the ICC prosecutor’s office”.

  • The letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint to the ICC. ICC The Hague

The Nuremberg Code

But what is this famous Nuremberg Code? Indeed, the most sulphurous point of this fake news relates to the reference to this code in the context of vaccination in Israel. “The Nuremberg Code has nothing to do with that” protests Emmanuel Hirsch, a French expert on questions of medical ethics. “It only deals with the experiments without ethical, inhuman and degrading rules. This is the basis of the code,”adds the professor of medical ethics at the University of Paris-Saclay.

For memory, the Nuremberg code was drafted in 1947 during the Nuremberg trials in Germany. In the dock, the doctors, including the infamous Josef Mengele tried in absentia, who carried out medical experiments on more than 7,000 prisoners of concentration camps during the Second World War.

All sacrificed on the altar of science. They had thus tested means of improving the chances of survival of Nazi soldiers in the field on the mainly Jewish deportees. They also conducted experiments to support their ideological view of the racial superiority of the Aryans. All of these experiments were performed without the consent of their subjects.

The ten recommendations of the code – including obtaining “voluntary consent of the patient or ensure that the experience avoids“ unnecessary suffering and damage, physical and mental ”- have infused into medical practice but have never had ib the force of law, in France.

Subsequently, the code was used as a basis for the Declaration of Helsinki from 1964 which states what are the rules of ethics in medical research. In particular, French legislation results from the Huriet-Sérusclat law of December 20, 1988 relating to persons who lend themselves to biomedical research, and the Kouchner law of March 4, 2002 on the rights of patients.

“The heart of the code is the notion of consent. For there to be consent there must be information clear and loyal: what is called informed consent. The Nuremberg Code has universal value” underlines Emmanuel Hirsch, author of Ethics at the heart of care, (Vuibert, 2006).

“I don’t see the direct connection with the Nuremberg Code. There has never been a vaccination without the knowledge of people in Israel, some nursing staff have even refused to be vaccinated without this causing any problems,” our specialist recalls.

But above all Emmanuel Hirsch is surprised at the dubious parallel operated here.

“It is indecent to mobilize the memory of the Shoah in this context. There is something disturbing that we refer to the barbarism of scientists, not doctors, who had flouted the code of medical ethics,” said the doctor.

Unsurprisingly, this intoxicate is the honesty of the accounts, close to the extreme right, adding an anti-Semitic dimension.

Recycled poison for 30 years

This is not the first time, moreover, that the Nuremberg Code has been used as “infox”.

It is a long tradition in anti-vaccines in particular. In a 1997 television appearance, leading American anti-vaccine activist Barbara Loe Fisher said: “Informed consent has been the gold standard of medical practice since the adoption of the Nuremberg Codes after World War II. There should be no exception for vaccination”.

His organization’s website, the National Vaccine Information Center, also claimed that the code “has been viewed by bioethicists and US courts as the basis for the right to informed consent for medical procedures involving risk of injury or death.”

A completely false claim. The principle of informed consent in the normal doctor-patient relationship, apart from medical experimentation, does not come from the Nuremberg Code. It has developed separately through different laws in force in each country.

Last February, the same Nuremberg code also fed a widely shared Facebook post which suggested that injecting a vaccine against COVID-19 would be a “medical experiment” prohibited by the Nuremberg code and would be criminally comparable to poisoning. There again nonsense misleading.

“This new version of the Nuremberg Code is therefore only the latest example of a lie aimed at discrediting vaccination to end the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

Original: Le Parisien [FR]