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‘COVID-19 will remain for another 10 years’

Although various countries around the world have begun vaccinating citizens against COVID-19, vaccine inventor and German BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin predicts the virus will stay with us for at least another ten years and the world will continue to experience outbreaks from time to time.

However, he expressed hope that life would return to “normal course” by the end of this coming summer.

At a news conference, Sahin said he believes the virus may survive for a few more years, and expects it to stay with us for at least another ten years.

When asked when he thinks the world will be able to return to a normal life, Sahin replied that “we need a new definition of ‘normal’. The virus will stay with us for the next ten years, and we must get used to more outbreaks of the epidemic. This ‘new normal’ does not mean that countries should enter lockdown and such a scenario could be possible until the end of the summer.”

He added that he hopes the world will be able to get through the current winter safely and by the end of the summer life will be back on track.

“This winter we will not have an effect on the number of infected, but we must make an impact so that next winter can be the new ‘normal’.” Sahin was also asked what he thought the percentage of vaccinated people in the world might bring to “herd immunity” and expressed a slightly pessimistic assessment regarding the possibility that 60-70 percent of the world’s vaccinated population would be sufficient to obtain herd immunity.

“If the virus becomes more effective, we may need higher levels of the vaccine to return to normal,” Sahin said.

Regarding the new mutation of the virus discovered in the UK and other countries, Sahin said his company along with Pfizer are now testing whether the vaccine is effective for the new version as well, saying “we need two more weeks to determine if the vaccine is also effective against the new mutation”.

Source: Arutz Sheva