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Covid Romania: The answer of the Lawyer Gheorghe Piperea addressed to the Herald of the Apocalypse – Raed Arafat

Back in the day, when the flea was shoeing with 99 iron ca., Mr. Arafat called me somewhat desperate to help / assist / represent him trying to escape from the persecutions of Basescu and Boc. I also went out on the streets to oppose his dismissal by Boc. I am not sorry: I went out on the streets for a principle, and not for a person.

I can see now that in a bit of an unlettered message on his Facebook page, the gentleman in question is issuing a childish challenge. He asks me to host some asymptomatic COVID-19 pacients.

Apart from the fact that such gestures are characteristic of the gang or street corner, the challenge contains a truth about the Nazi way of thinking of the gentleman in question. When you stamp as “asymptomatic” a healthy man is like putting a Star in Six Corners on his chest.

In addition, the “hosting” he’s talking about is also useless – he made his reign so the hospitals in Bucharest are 90 % empty, kidnapping from all the citizens of Bucharest the right to medical care and treatment, and determined the construction of cardboard hospitals or the transformation of hyper-market deposits into “hospitals”, so there is plenty of room for asymptomatic pacients.

I remind you that we are the only country in the world that forces and illegally isolates at home / quarantine / “thermometry”  healthy people. That’s because that’s how the gentleman in question dictated.

I will not get into trouble with Mr. Arafat. My true (our) opponent is “Manole” Isarescu.

I reaffirm that I really believe in the principle of the presumption of innocence and the need of a lawyer to be able to defend you effectively in court, even as the scapegoat of the judicial mess to come.

Lawyer George Piperea