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Cpl. Noam Avramovich, 19: Soldier was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime leader’

Cpl. Noam Avramovich, 19, an observation soldier in the Border Defense Corps’s 414th unit from Givat Brenner, was killed on October 7 when Hamas terrorists overran the Nahal Oz IDF outpost near the Gaza border.

She is survived by her parents, Adva and Yossi, and her younger siblings Ofri, Yiftah and Yuval. She was buried on October 11 in Givat Brenner.

Noam enlisted in the IDF on July 30, and finished her course to train as an observation soldier on Wednesday, October 4.

She arrived at her new posting the next day, and served there for a day and a half before she was slain.

Her sister, Ofri, 16, said that “we were best friends, and she was the best older sister that could be to all my siblings: A girl you could be inspired by. That was her,” she said in a memorial video for Channel 13.

“I always dreamed of being like you, to be one who’s never embarrassed by what she does or loves,” added Ofri. “One who fights for justice, even if not for herself. One who knows how to make her voice heard, and you did it in the best and most beautiful way I’ve ever seen.”

“You were a ray of sunshine who spread light everywhere you went, with the biggest smile I know, and your blue eyes that always calmed anyone who met you,” Ofri continued. “You managed to find topics of conversation with everyone, no matter their age… you were a leader. Nobody could step on your opinions and on what you wanted to say.”

At her funeral, her mother Adva noted that in Noam’s high school yearbook, “they wrote about you as ‘Ben Gurion’ and ‘the prime minister.’ The people of Israel lost today a true once-in-a-lifetime leader, [you were] like a magnet which attracts people from the very first moment, with endless wisdom and reason and values and caring.”

Adva recounted feeling anxious about dropping Noam off to serve on her first day so close to the border with Gaza: “Sadly, I was stupid enough to leave you there, because I was raised with values that you need to protect the homeland,” she said. “And you wanted to be in Nahal Oz, on the most active front. Where you could most contribute.”

Source: TOI

Note: a cardboard army.  Is this how the state border is defended? Corporal after 1  1/2 day?…”served there for a day and a half?”