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Cyprus: Coronavirus – ONE DEATH as daily figure FALLS to double digits again

The Cyprus Mail reports that ONE person in the country was reported to have died from Coronavirus yesterday, a 95 year-old being treated at Nicosia General Hospital

The death brings to 353 the total number of people who have died so far, 234 of whom were men and 119 women.

A total of 115 COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in hospital, 44 of whom are in a serious condition.

Of the 44, 28 are intubated while two are in ICU but not on a ventilator while 14 are being looked after in a high dependency unit.

The new “cases” bring to 71,836 the total number recorded on the island since the start of the pandemic.

Of the 61,609 tests carried out on Saturday 5,051 were PCR and 56,558 rapid tests.

A total of 18 “cases” were found among 280 samples taken from contacts of known “cases” while three “cases” were found among 2,699 samples taken at the island’s airports.

Seven “cases” were found among 1,829 tests taken on private initiative in addition to five among 1,238 rapid tests at labs and pharmacies.

The majority of “cases”, 58, were found through the government’s screening programme which saw 55,320 tested.

Of these in Nicosia 21,176 tests yielded 14 positives (a positivity rate of 0.07 per cent), while 12,757 tests in Limassol found 12 cases (0.09 per cent). In Larnaca nine “cases” were found among 8,505 tests (0.11 per cent) and in Paphos 6,488 tests found three positive “cases” (0.05 per cent). In Famagusta 4,539 people were tested and seven were found positive (0.15 per cent).

Among 1,785 tested in closed facilities 13 “cases” were found.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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