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Daughter of Israeli coronavirus couple says parents ‘thrown into hangar’

Israel preparing to repatriate remaining nationals from Diamond Princess cruise liner once they have tested negative for the virus.

The daughter of two Israelis infected with coronavirus in Japan, said her parents had been thrown into a remote military hospital where she claims the treatment is subpar, the doctors speak no English and there is no food.

“They are at a remote location from Tokyo,” said the daughter.

“The medical staff at the hospital is not professional enough. They hardly know how to take a blood test and don’t speak English,” she added.

“There is no way they’re able to explain to my parents what is going on, what medical procedures are being done and what the results of the tests are.”

The daughter said as far as she’s aware her parents had been “thrown into a big hangar,” where they haven’t been fed since being taken off the ship almost three days ago.

“The food there is not suitable for a Westerner, a Chabad emissary is on his way over there to bring them food,” she said.

The development came as the Japanese health ministry said an additional 88 people have tested positive for coronavirus on the ship.

The new cases came from a total of 681 fresh results, the ministry said, taking the total number of positive cases on the Diamond Princess to 542.

Chabad of Japan continues to work to take care of every detail required for the Israeli travelers quarantined on the Diamond Queen cruise ship, nicknamed “The Corona Ship”.

Supply includes everything from kosher food and hygiene products to flowers for Shabbat, to give the besieged Israelis the best possible feeling they can give.

The packages go through a very complex route to their destination, including transit through state customs that involves complex logistics and exorbitant costs.

The extensive activity and assistance is conducted by Japan’s Chief Rabbi Binyamin Edrei and Chabad House activists assisting in the work.