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Deri warns: Netanyahu does not have polls showing him with 61 seats

Has Prime Minister Netanyahu exaggerated in his statements over the past few weeks that he has 61 MKs to form a government? According to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the answer is yes.

At a staff meeting with the regional centers of the Shas movement ahead of Election Day, the Shas chairman warned against complacency from right-wing voters that could lead to the collapse of the entire bloc.

“There is complacency, people who are indifferent. The prime minister in my opinion made a mistake when he conveyed a message that he has 61. He does not have such polls, he may have wanted to present a good atmosphere. I do not disagree with him about that,” he said.

Deri clarified that “we have the potential to reach it, but in my opinion we are not there yet so we have to do everything to reach 61.”

“We know that everything that is important is in grave danger. Shabbat, conversion, the Western Wall, help for the weak, we know that such a government when it is established will bring decrees against the weak among us created by the coronavirus. That is my main message, I do not want to waste our time.”

“The other bloc is not in favor of a Jewish state, not in favor of a Jewish identity and not in favor of all the things we believe in. They are already closed to each other, unfortunately for the majority,” he said.

Deri added, “We have people like Elkin and other people who are our friends and our friends and are part of the right-wing camp. They decided to make an alliance with Yair Lapid, Yvette Lieberman and Meretz to overthrow Netanyahu.”

Therefore, Deri warned, “If they have 61, their government will be formed immediately in the first stage and they will say in the second stage, we will now bring in Bennett and part of the Likud. I hope Bennett is really with us, so if we do it right we will have 61.”

Source: Arutz Sheva