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Designova – ‘It’s time to move on, good bye WordPress’

”After 7 years of love with design & dedication, we are finally stopping the sales & updates on all of our WordPress themes on Themeforest. Our existing HTML Templates will be available as before and will be maintained further. Existing customers can still get theme support via our support system which will be open till 17 July 2020.”

”The reason why we are stopping the sales and development of WordPress themes is because Themeforest’s current sales figure does not justify further development & update cost.”

We have recently launched a new website publishing platform FolioFusion which have every potential to be a better and easy replacement for WordPress CMS. If you love our designs, you would love FolioFusion, try it today, it is free!

”We thank you for your precious support so far, you made us realize how awesome the world can be. We will never forget you!”

Visit website: Designova