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Despite ploy to duck hate speech scandal, Meta unlikely to return to Russia, Kremlin says

The return of Meta products (in particular, of such social networks as Facebook and Instagram, now blocked in Russia) is unlikely for now, although the company is trying to distance itself from the mistakes it has made, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“It is unlikely for now, although the company is trying somehow to distance itself from the very unpleasant mistakes it made earlier,” Peskov said, commenting on Meta’s earlier statement that the company was lifting the ban on posting information the promotes incitement to violence against Russian citizens, including servicemen, on its social networks.

  • The company then clarified that such a rule applied only in Ukraine, and that Meta was generally against Russophobia.

Peskov pointed out that the company “indirectly admits that we are talking about such decisions when it says that on the territory of Ukraine such methods are allowed, yet somewhere else it is still inadmissible.”

“That is, the company in this case tinkered with the rules a little bit, manipulating everyone. And this hardly makes it possible for such companies to work on Russian soil,” the Kremlin spokesman concluded.

Source: TASS