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Development begins on Russia’s 6th generation MiG-41 advanced stealth long-range interceptor fighter

In Russia, work has begun on the development of the prospective long-range stealth interceptor fighter MiG-41, Russian state corporation Rostec reported.

As noted in the message on the corporation’s website, “the project of the Advanced Long-Range Intercept Aircraft (PAK DP) under the symbol “MiG-41″ is at the stage of development work.”

It is assumed that the MiG-41 (PAK DP) will replace the long-range fighter-interceptor MiG-31, which was put into service in 1981.

In 2018, UAC President Yuri Slyusar told Interfax that the PAK DP will replace the MiG-31 around 2030.

The MiG-31 is a long-range supersonic fighter-interceptor designed for long-term patrolling and combating high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, strategic bombers and low-flying targets. The aircraft is capable of simultaneously hitting six and tracking up to 10 air targets.

The Russian Armed Forces receive modernized MiG-31BM aircraft. As reported by Interfax, this aircraft in the MiG-31K modification became the first aircraft carrier of hypersonic weapons – the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

There is confidence in Russia that the MiG corporation will lift the sixth-generation fighter-interceptor into the air in the coming years. Some signs point to a huge quantum leap.
Even at the stage of experimental and scientific work on the MiG-41, in August 2018, the general director of the MiG corporation Ilya Tarasenko said that a technologically completely new aircraft will fly at speeds of Mach 4-5, that is, over 6000 km/h, and complete tasks in space.

It is known that a manned vehicle is being developed with the prospect of switching to the production of a basic unmanned version of the sixth generation MiG-41 fighter.

Judging by the design characteristics and images of the prospective aircraft, the MiG-41 fighter is created on the principle of a flying wing.

This will provide high maneuverability, stealth and cruising supersonic speed – over 4500 km/h.

It should be remembered here that the fourth-generation MiG-31 interceptor can withstand long-term dynamic and temperature loads due to the design of a robust hull consisting of 50% steel, 33% aluminum alloys and 16% titanium.