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DF Spokesman: ‘Sinwar is not above ground. Our job is to kill him’

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Wednesday that the IDF is making significant progress in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

  • “Our forces are encircling the area, and the commando forces are currently conducting raids and battling Hamas terrorists. Our forces are striking targets using precise real-time intelligence; the soldiers are battling valiantly, eliminating terrorists, identifying underground infrastructure, and destroying weaponry. Simultaneously to the forces in the southern Gaza Strip, our forces are also continuing to advance in the northern Gaza Strip. The 36th Division and the 162nd Division are focused on the Jabalya and Shuja’iyya areas. It is important for the public to understand that in the past 48 hours, these three divisions, along with another division in the east, have been fighting intensely against terrorists. In the Jabalya, Shuja’iyya, and Khan Yunis areas, we have broken through their defensive lines. The terrorists are now emerging from the underground tunnels and engaging our forces in close combat. Our forces are emerging with the upper hand. Our forces will continue to further our achievements in Jabalya, Shuja’iyya, and also in the Khan Yunis area – the heart of Hamas’ terror,” Hagari stated.

He also mentioned the northern front and stated that:

  • “In the north, throughout the day, the IDF attacked a Hezbollah operational command center and terror infrastructure. IDF forces responded with fire to the sources from which several rockets were launched into Israeli territory during the day.”

Hagari discussed attacks launched by the Houthis rebels in Yemen and said that the

  • Houthi’s actions “are regional terrorism – directed, funded, and orchestrated by Iran. It is a global problem – affecting all parts of the region. Our talks with the United States Central Command, as we understand, are already leading to the establishment of task forces in the Red Sea and other areas to address the issue. We are on a high level of preparedness in all sectors, both defensively and offensively. “

Regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks that the IDF had surrounded Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar’s house, the spokesman said: “Sinwar’s house in the Khan Yunis area. Sinwar is not above ground; he’s underground. Our job is to reach Sinwar and kill him.”

Source: Arutz Sheva