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Doctors: Netanyahu’s heart tests have been abnormal for years’

Hebrew media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has had a heart condition for years after the prime minister underwent a procedure to receive a pacemaker overnight.

  • Israel Hayom reported that the pacemaker implanted in Netanyahu’s body is of the MICRA type, which does not require electrodes and an incision in the collarbone area, as is done in the usual procedure. In addition, doctors revealed that he has had a minor heart condition for years.
  • In the report, an expert cardiologist was quoted as explaining that “there is a cosmetic advantage in this, because it is a procedure without a surgical wound. But it is a pacemaker that another person would not receive, unless there is a medical reason. In my view, there is also no clinical advantage here, since it is not possible to replace the battery for this technology without additional surgery. And since there is a need to replace the battery every 10 years, this is something I would consider.”

Officials involved in Netanyahu’s treatment stated that his EKG tests have been abnormal for years. The officials told Ynet that “it is not an illness but an indication.”

Netanyahu was hospitalized for dehydration about a week ago.

  • Before the operation, Netanyahu released a video in which he stated: “A week ago they put in a monitoring device. That device beeped this evening and said I need to receive a pacemaker. I need to do this already tonight. I’m feeling excellent, but I’m listening to my doctors.”

Sheba Medical Center reported following the operation that “his medical condition is good, and he will remain in the cardiology department for observation.”

Source: Arutz Sheva