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Ecuador is a country ruled by El Presidente who’s stealing right now money from his country and is putting the money on secret bank accounts in tax heavens. #inapapers

‘s neoliberal turn, offshore corruption scandals & voter fraud behind expulsion and arrest in London.

The INA Papers website explains that the documents reveal that Moreno and his associates have used “at least a dozen offshore companies incorporated in various tax havens” to commit “a series of crimes including money laundering, tax fraud, influence peddling and the collection of bribes (bribery) to the detriment of the Ecuadorian state.”

On March 24th, Ecuador’s National Assembly announced that they would meet to discuss the allegations raised in La Fuente’s story. Two days later, the National Assembly passed a resolution to analyze the INA Papers corruption allegations and deliver a report (PDF) on their findings within 20 days . Ecuador’s Attorney General also opened a preliminary investigation into Moreno and some of his associates shortly thereafter.

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