Ehud Olmert: “Netanyahu will go to prison for many years”

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert issued a scathing attack on his successor Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Army Radio on Monday afternoon.

Olmert said that he is an expert on the “Submarine Affair” because he’s the only other prime minister beside Netanyahu to have bought submarines from Germany.

He said based on what is already known and not on what is yet unknown, it is already clear that Netanyahu committed “a serious case of fraud.”

“Netanyahu is a criminal, a liar and a cheat who has committed crimes,” Olmert said. “I see him going to prison for more than a few years.”

Olmert served 16 months in prison for bribery and fraud.

Asked whether he hoped Netanyahu goes to prison, Olmert answered, “I’m in favor of Netanyahu, his wife and his son going through treatment, so they can become human again.”

Source: Gil Hoffman – JPost

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