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Elections Committee: All votes counted, results later

Citizens of the State of Israel voted in droves on Monday in the elections for the 23rd Knesset.

Adv. Orly Addes, chair of the Central Election Committee, spoke Tuesday morning with Ayala Hasson and Golan Yochpaz on their program on 103FM, addressing the latest election results.

“The breakdown doesn’t really reflect the truth because it doesn’t require the results to be from a specific area,” said Addes. According to her, it is impossible to conclude from the latest figures that the final results will be the same, adding: “I hope a really clear picture will become apparent ahead of the evening. I really hope so.”

Adv. Addes said that the committee expanded the review process in the previous round and also it expanded again in the current election. “Once the count is over, we are conducting a long series of tests designed to ensure that the results we publish at each stage are the most accurate and reliable,” she said, adding: “We warned in advance that it could indeed be delayed.”

The reason why the counting is slow she said was because “there are more than 340,000 double envelopes that we will only have tomorrow.” The double envelopes are the votes of the soldiers, prisoners, envoys abroad, patients in hospitals, and, this time, the people who are in isolation due to the coronavirus; Addes said this constitutes about 4,076 people.

She added that there was a problem with counting the votes of those quarantined for coronavirus because of a general reluctance to volunteer for the mission. “We will apparently recruit workers from Magen David Adom (MDA), as happened to us when dealing with those voting stations. No one expressed willingness to work there except for MDA people, who rose to the occasion. Apparently, we will also recruit them for the second mission to complete the process.”

Likud’s lead slightly narrowed by Blue and White; right-wing bloc holds 59 seats.