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Elections in IDF underway

Tomorrow, the elections for the 22nd Knesset will take place. Elections in IDF units began last Saturday, September 14th, and will continue until tomorrow at 10:00 PM when the polling stations will close. First to vote were Navy soldiers.

To prevent double voting and ensure secrecy of the ballot, all soldiers will vote according to the “double envelopes” method.

Over the past two weeks, the exercise “Cobra Warrior” has been ongoing in the United Kingdom with the participation of the Israeli Air Force and air forces from other countries.

During the exercise, a polling station was brought to the Waddington Royal Air Force base, located in the United Kingdom. This, to allow IDF soldiers staying in the United Kingdom to vote.

High voting percentages were recorded. Among soldiers voting at the British Waddington base are IAF Air Division Commanding Officer Brig. Gen. Amnon Ein Dar and the commander of the exercise, Lt. Col. D.

The following is information regarding the elections for the 22nd Knesset in the IDF:

  • Starting from Saturday evening, September 14th, until Monday, September 16th, 70 polling stations were placed for early voting to allow for operational needs and special circumstances of the routine security activity and in naval bases.
  • In the coming elections, approximately 656 polling stations will be opened across IDF bases, 140 of them are transportable polling stations, which will be operated in military posts, observation points, military crossings and small and remote units (including training areas).
  • IDF soldiers will vote over 72 hours in 7 commands and services. The commands were divided into 54 areas where regional and unit election officers were appointed.
  • In the previous elections for the 21nd Knesset, the percentage of voting at the military polling stations was 72.5%, and an additional 10% of those serving in the IDF voted in civilian polling stations.
  • Approximately 2,500 soldiers in duty will serve as members of the military polling station committees in all IDF units.
  • The results from Eilat, the Arava and the Golan Heights will be counted by the Central Knesset Election Committee in the early morning hours of Wednesday.