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Electronic bracelets to be put on people entering Israel

Israel is tightening the rope around people entering the country from abroad, as concerns rise that the country’s successful Covid vaccination rollout will be compromised by vaccine resistant mutations.

From next week, mandatory bussing to state-sponsored hotels will be reintroduced for people arriving at Ben Gurion airport but with a new twist.

People returning to Israel will be tested at the airport for Covid and if a negative result is received the next day, they will be allowed to leave the hotel and remain in isolation at home, if they opt to wear an electronic bracelet.

The plan was tentatively approved at a meeting [yesterday] attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, Israel Police and chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee MK Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism). In the first stage, a pilot project with 100 electronic bracelets will be implemented, operated by an external contractor.

The Knesset Constitution Committee now needs to approves the plan and after the pilot project is completed, legislation will need to be enacted to expand use of the bracelets.

Meanwhile, Israelis returning from abroad will be free to go unsupervised and isolate at home.

The Knesset Constitution Committee is also being asked to approve regulations that will make the criteria on which the exemptions committee for people entering and exiting Israel makes it decisions more clear cut, so that its rulings will be more consistent.

Source: Globes