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Elementor Acquires Layers WP – Layers is an Elementor product


Will my Layers website still work after this acquisition?

Yes, your Layers website will continue to function as normal. Updates will continue for 60 days and we will still be able to support you during that time. After the 60 day period your Layers website will continue to work with the latest version of WordPress, however updates will no longer continue.

Will I still receive support for my Layers website?

Layers support will continue for at least 60 days after the Elementor acquisition. If you have any issues with your Layers website please contact us via and we will reply within our usual 24 hour time frame.

Will I still have access to my Layers products?

Yes, for the next 60 days you can download your Layers products via the website. The free version of Layers is open source and will be accessible via the GitHub repository however updates to the theme will be halted in February 2019.

Is Layers for Elementor compatible with Layers 2.0?

Layers for Elementor uses the Elementor builder in place of the old Layers builder, that means that existing Layers sites will need to be re-built using the new method.

We suggest backing up your site or trying Layers for Elementor on new sites.

How do I download Elementor?

Simply visit this page on the Elementor website to download the free version of their site builder.

Do I have to pay to upgrade to Elementor Pro?

Upgrading to Elementor Pro usually costs $49 however we are offering a 25% discount coupon for any Layers user who wishes to upgrade to their Pro offering.

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Our Conclusions:

As a result, the new theme does not quite resemble what we knew about Layers WP Theme – the Layers template for pages are no longer available, the Layers widgets are missing, and…

No more Layers builder!

Layers WP Theme was in fact a theme+builder combination.

Now the Layers WP builder is dead.

The only way to customize the pages are via the Elementor builder (…or other builder).

Also, no other themes from Layers are available, contrary to Elementor’s affirmations:

Over the past few weeks, we have drilled down into the Layers themes and fine-tuned them, so that they work as smoothly as possible with Elementor. Additionally, all Layers themes are now available for free via the Layers site.

In fact, the new theme has become less or more just a starter theme for the Elementor purposes:

‘In the past, we released our ‘Hello Theme‘, which was a starter ‘bare-bone’ theme for users who wanted the leanest possible solution. Since it is so lean, the Hello Theme was mainly suited for users who can manage the entire site design with Elementor or code. Our hope is that Layers themes will help less tech-savvy users manage the entire site design hassle-free.’ (as stated by the Elementor on their own blog)

* The ‘Hello Theme’ it’s a plain-vanilla theme, best suited for building your site using Elementor plugin.