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Eqypt flooded with dangerous scorpions

A particularly deadly hailstorm in Egypt flooded the city of Aswan with masses of dangerous scorpions.

The heavy rains washed the scorpions from their hiding places and brought them into the city.

The severe weather forced the scorpions to leave their usual hiding places and seek shelter in the homes of the residents.

The scorpions reportedly caused three deaths and more than 450 wounded, with antidotes to the scorpion venom quickly being transferred to hospitals in the area.

The mayor, Ashraf Attia, warned the residents against the scorpions and asked everyone to stay in their houses and avoid staying near trees where scorpions can hide.

Along with the scorpions, the heavy rains also washed snakes into the city, although the main concern of the government is the scorpions.

A number of scorpions live in Egypt with the main concern being the Fattail scorpion, a particularly venomous scorpion with a sting that can cause death.

Doctors in the area were redirected from a COVID vaccination campaign to treat stings.

Health officials said extra doses of anti-venom were sent to clinics. People were encouraged to avoid mountainous and wooded areas.

A sting from Egypt’s fat-tail scorpion can kill a human in under an hour.

Source: Arutz Sheva