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Europa no longer exist

Europe, or rather the European Union, substantially exhausted its historic function on February 24, 2022, when the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine marked a decisive geopolitical change of course.

Conceived as a function of anti-German containment after the end of the Second World War, the Union has fulfilled its geopolitical function exclusively as a periphery of the American Empire, becoming, season after season, megaphone of the geopolitical Rimland, up to assuming the final position : globalist, atlantist and politically correct.

But the Union was for European citizens the Anti-Europe, a sublimate of the complete opposite of what the traditions, civilizations and peoples of that continent have been.

Europe, already dying on an institutional level because it is distant from the daily life of the people, is dead – on an economic level – for having challenged Russia with sanctions, on a mandate from Washington.

Those sanctions that should have convinced the Moscow government to give up have instead sown inflation, crisis and misery throughout Europe, especially affecting the most fragile nations.

Thus, the date of death of the old continent can now be fixed with accurate precision. Europe died on 27 June 2023 in Nanterre.

  • That day, Nahel Marzouk, a 17-year-old boy of North African origin, was driving a yellow Mercedes. The boy doesn’t have a driving license and is stopped at a checkpoint by the police. He tries to escape, the sergeant shoots him at point blank range. And he kills him.
  • From there, after Nahel’s death, yet another revolt broke out in the French suburbs. That episode of crime news kicked off yet another wave of protests against the government led by the hyperliberal Macron, whose government action had ended up in the crosshairs of public opinion for an attempt to raise the retirement age.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the echo of a new Bastille is recurrent in the streets of Paris.

  • Having supported the vision of Brussels with respect to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine is making the weakest sections of the French population pay a very high cost. To groups of people – of African or Arab origin – like Nahel Marzouk.

The macroscopic data that explains what is happening in France after February 2022 is that relating to food consumption.

That suffered an unprecedented drop of 17% compared to 2021. The figure is not a complete surprise, since food prices in France have increased by 22%.

The riots that shook the country cannot be fully understood without taking this fact into account.

  • France’s food consumption has fallen by almost a fifth since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Why have the prices of foodstuffs risen to the point of causing an unprecedented drop in consumption?

It’s not hard to understand. Food abundance, as we know it in Europe, is based on chemical fertilisers.

Before the war in Ukraine, many of these fertilizers came from Russia and Belarus. When the EU imposed sanctions on Russia, it tried to create exceptions for fertilizers, but without success. Both for administrative reasons and because Russia has decided to adopt counter-sanctions, European imports of the product have collapsed, causing a crisis on the fertilizer markets.

Industry analysts knew complications in the fertilizer industry would lead to a food crisis within a year. We’re there now. Today, racial tensions in French society, particularly concentrated in the banlieues, are a fact.

Now the most relevant root cause is food shortages.

  • In France, the food crisis affects as many as 5.2 million people, they are families who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods and represent 8% of the population.

Turning the death of Europe into a metaphysical tragedy is Spain with its jumble of political parties that fail to find a majority, general election after general election.

The country under the leadership of the socialist Sanchez is facing these difficult economic times in relative tranquility. The country’s GDP is supported by the post-COVID recovery of tourism and the revitalization of the real estate sector.

While awaiting the next speculative bubble and the formation of yet another national minority government, Spanish politics is the best geopolitical laboratory of the new American way of life based on false rights, the erasure of culture and political correctness. In the general silence of international public opinion, Madrid has reformed the school curriculum, eliminating history and philosophy from the school curriculum. Instead of those two subjects, now considered outdated,

Spanish children will be taught disciplines such as ecofeminism, democratic memory, ethics of care and LGBT rights.

We are on the verge of the abyss: that reform, at best, should be considered as the most idiotic distillation of cancel culture. In the background, there remain the secessionist tensions of some regions that can no longer bear the link with Madrid.

And now we come to the cheerful notes. As always, it is up to Italy to transform the dramatic crisis of European identity into a grotesque. The fate of Italy is in the hands of Giorgia Meloni: leader of the right-wing party “Fratelli d’Italia”, he has been the Italian Premier since October last year.

Meloni has literally betrayed and denied her ideals: for years she was a fierce opponent of sanctions against Russia, now she is the most fervent European leader in supporting the strategies of the London-Washington axis. The combined disasters in foreign policy are already reflected in the country’s economic stability. Economic relations with Russia were completely canceled, thus annihilating decades of commercial exchanges that had guaranteed low-cost energy to Italian companies.

  • At the instigation of the US State Department, the Italian government is about to cancel the agreement with China.
  • The first European country to enter the “Silk Road” program, Italy was essentially forced to cancel that agreement with Beijing, in the name of Atlantic membership.

To justify this incomprehensible about-face, Defense Minister Guido Crosetto (who leads the Italian armed forces after having been a lobbyist in the arms sector for years) explained that the agreement must be cancelled, but we must aim to maintain trade relations with China. From Beijing they replied “regret”.

Economically, Italy is a country one step away from default. It is only kept alive artificially by loans granted by the European Union. In fact, Italian fiscal and financial policy is in the hands of Brussels.

In exchange for that money, which is fundamental for Italy, the European Union is asking for illiberal reforms that erase what little remains of the equity of an increasingly aging country.

The country is divided in half: in the productive center of the North – hit by the return wave of sanctions against Russia – a South reduced to the poverty line acts as a counterpart. Youth employment data is the worst in Europe.

To complicate the situation, comes the government’s decision to gradually cut the “citizenship income”, a subsidy in helicopter money mode which had made it possible in the recent past to mitigate social tensions.

With inflation approaching double digits and without a minimal perspective vision other than full adherence to the wishes of the White House, Italy will find itself facing a complicated economic and social crisis after the summer. In view of next year’s European elections, an institutional collapse that could lead to an upheaval in the political balance cannot be ruled out.

And it is no coincidence, therefore, that the main opposition party, the Democratic Party, revs its engines in the hope of defenestrating the right-wing government. With no more ideals and ideologies, the Italian left is the overseas reflection of the Democratic Party of Biden and Harris: liquid and individual rights and doses of political correctness.

At the head of the Italian left today is Elly Schlein, a sort of different twin of Giorgia Meloni. This is her curriculum vitae (taken from wikipedia): “Elena Ethel Schlein was born on May 4, 1985 in Lugano, in the Canton of Ticino. Elly Schlein’s father, Melvin Schlein, is an American political scientist and academic of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, Elly Schlein’s paternal ancestors were originally from Žovkva, a village near Lviv, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now located in Ukraine”.

  • For Open Society, Soros’ NGO, Elly Schlein is “reliable”. A warranty.

Source: Piero Mesina – Southfront