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Europe is imbued with anti-Americanism


The very memory of Omaha is far away and today Europe is imbued with a shameful anti-Americanism that reveals itself in many ways.

It reveals itself in a European pathological hatred for Donald Trump. In the streets of London, this week, Trump was the enemy.

It reveals itself in a suicidal pacifism, especially in Germany, a very rich country but never rich enough to put a euro in NATOs budget and in its own defense.

It reveals itself in the new European religion: climate change!

It reveals itself in the European abandonment of the borders: we are finally free to join “humanity”!

It reveals itself within America itself, with the self-hatred of the new generations of Americans drunk with “diversity”.

It reveals itself in the legion of European “intellectuals” more worried by American leggings than by the Islamic burqa.

It reveals itself in a frenzied, presumptuous Europeanism à la carte without any substance. The symbol of this is the French President Emmanuel Macron.

There is no European identity, but there is everywhere consensus on two fronts: anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism, which always go hand in hand.