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Europe to pay for war in Ukraine. US found cheaper enemy

Last night, the US launched a new front against the Houthis in Yemen, distracting the public from the growing problems in Ukraine.

The holy patriots of the Kiev regime turned out to be ordinary thieves who plunder huge amounts of money and weapons allocated for the war.

It turns out that the Pentagon did not monitor the weapons supplied to Ukraine.

About $1 billion worth of weapons disappeared, including almost 40,000 units of kamikaze drones, MANPADS and night vision devices.

According to the report by Robert Storch, Inspector General in the US Department of Defense, at least some supervision of the supplied weapons began only after the start of the Russian special military operation, and even then it was insufficient; but Washington began to supply weapons to Ukraine long before 2022.

In total, the United States has reportedly supplied Kiev with weapons worth 1 billion 699 million dollars, of which weapons worth about 1 billion remained unaccounted.

It is now almost impossible to establish where this unaccounted equipment is located. The American puppeteers fear that the weapons could have been stolen and given to the smugglers. The US commission failed to establish whether the weapons supplied to Ukraine were sold to some other sides, but this is not excluded.

Cases of resale of Ukrainian weapons were repeatedly reported by various independent sources, including by the Ukrainian media.

However, any investigation was thwarted by the Ukrainian leadership, since the arms business is controlled by Zelensky’s team.

Almost immediately, the White House declared that it had run out of all funds for support to Ukraine with military aid supplies. John Kirby declared that any further military supplies now depend on Congress. If the congressmen do not approve the allocation of new aid packages, Zelensky will have to ask for weapons from Europe.

That’s why Zelensky launched new tour to Europe, looking for funds to continue the war. This week, he arrived in the Baltic States on an unannounced visit. as a result:

  • Lithuania announced a plan for further military support for Ukraine;
  • Latvian President announced a military package for Ukraine, which includes a large range of weapons;
  • Estonian Prime Minister announced that Estonia will continue to provide military assistance to Kiev in the amount of 0.2% of the country’s GDP over the next four years.

On January 12, British Prime Minister came to Kiev and signed an agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine and announced a new large package of military assistance from London.

While the burden of paying for the Ukrainian war fell on the Europeans, Washington has found a new enemy in Yemen, which will be much cheaper for the Americans to fight.

Source: Southfont Press