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Europe’s future: Between Islam and post-Christian grotesque decadence

Europe as we know it is on the verge of being confined to a hospice for the as yet incurable disease of decadence.

In 1977, French philosopher Raymond Aron wrote “Plaidoyer pour l’Europe décadente” (In defense of a decadent Europe), in which he denounced a sort of self-indulgence that distinguishes Western societies. “The civilization of self-centered pleasure – wrote Aron – condemns himself to death the moment it loses interest in the future”.

It was then that Western culture contracted an autoimmune disease, one for which there seems to be no solution. In fact, we entered “an era of tiredness”, as Joshua Mitchell called it in an essay. The era in which people are happy to play with gadgets and have lost interest in Western culture.

The age of tiredness is the hospice phase where Western culture is now. Europe’s death will be anesthetized by drops of morphine of entertainment and “diversity”. Then Islam will take over.